CROCUS, Chicago State Collaborate on Progress Update to Argonne Board of Governors



On October 18, 2023, members of CROCUS were joined by President Zaldwaynaka “Z” Scott of Chicago State University to present a progress report to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory’s Board of Governors. Cristina Negri, CROCUS project director and lead principal investigator, and Scott Collis, CROCUS measurement lead, both of whom are from Argonne, represented the team.

At the meeting, the Department of Energy’s Director of the Office of Science Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe was a guest of honor.  Negri gave an overview of CROCUS science. Scott gave an overview of Chicago State University and the opportunities CROCUS is unlocking. Collis gave a show-and-tell description of a CROCUS level-one node (an environmental sensing node). The Measurement Strategy Team (pictured below) also quickly deployed a level-one node to the conference room, using a potted plant to show off the hydrology sensors. 

(From left to right) Members of the CROCUS Measurement Strategy Team Bhupendra Raut, Bobby Jackson, Max Grover and Paystar Muradyan helped support the deployment of a level one node during Argonne National Laboratory’s recent Board of Governors’ meeting.