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Community Research on Climate and Urban Science (CROCUS) is an Urban Integrated Field Laboratory led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory with academic and community organizations and civic and industry champions. Our goal is to advance the science, understand the feedbacks between urban systems and climate, and inform solutions to the challenges of the Chicago region’s changing climate.

17 Partner Organizations

Our partners deliver a diverse high-caliber science and technology talent—collaborating to identify and test sustainable solutions to bring just transitions to clean energy and resilient community future.

7 Civic and Industry Champions

Civic and industry leaders provide management insight, connections with regional planning and local interests, and resources to support CROCUS science, workforce development and community initiatives.

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5 Communty-Driven Science Actions
  1. Observation
  2. Modeling
  3. Integrations
  1. Community-driven Scenario Evaluation
  2. Education, Training, and Inclusion

CROCUS supports urban science and the needs of diverse communities—informing key objectives for regional climate planning.

4 Levels of Observations

The CROCUS Measurement Strategy

  1. A regional micronet of AI-enabled software sensors 
  2. Public data from existing meteorology, air quality, and atmospheric measurements 
  3. A series of comprehensive field campaigns 
  4. Citizen science 
9M Chicago Region Residents

The Chicago region location, history, and diversity create the perfect opportunity to understand how climate impacts cities and neighborhoods, and how cities influence regional climate.